Our Members

Martin Gorman

Board Member

Martin Gorman is a Board Member of the Children’s Health and Research Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. Gorman is a highly skilled and experienced business law attorney, with extensive knowledge of corporate governance and compliance matters. 

He has over thirty five years of professional experience, including progressive responsibilities and executive positions with international food corporations.

Mr. Gorman retired from Kraft Foods Global Inc. in 2009 as Chief Counsel of the Corporation’s Beverage and Coffee Business Unit. 

As a member of the Corporations Senior Executive Leadership Team, he had substantial management authority, and was integrally involved in strategic business planning and major corporate business transactions for Kraft Foods

He received his LLM from New York University School of Law, his JD from Syracuse University College of Law, and his B.A. from Syracuse University.

As Executive Director, Mr. Gorman acts as the chief executive officer of the Corporation, and supervises, generally, the management of the affairs of the Corporation, subject to the supervision of the Board.